Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Signs and Symbols

More cell phone photos. Signs and symbols. Images devoid of context, both cryptic and the overly pointed.

My friend Aesop used to call these "Chinese Chicken Cigarettes." Apparently they taste vaguely of chicken. When I worked in North Beach my coworkers would get them when they were broke. Maybe that's the double happiness element: they're a smoke and lunch in one.

Kneeling figurine on staircase, 3rd Ave at Geary. Found it set up this way.

Mr. Lee's dog was stolen.

Got this pizza from Cable Car when I was lit. Couldn't get over how funny it was to send someone who's stoned pizza in a box that says "Enjoy your delicious moments." You bet I fuckin' will.

Even the pizza chef on the box is high:


Some local wheat paste:

This is everywhere lately. Looks like Adam from the White Barons in Run DMC gear:

In the Presidio:

On Valencia, at the old New College building. Notice it's covering a "GET UP GET UP" poster:

I really dig this drawing of Joaquin Phoenix. Just noticed he's got a sparrow in his hair. Knowing what I know about guerrilla marketing, and seeing how this is ALL OVER SF and also in LA, I'd say it's a on the down low tie in with I'm Still Here.

Best tag ever?

Worst daycare name ever?

Outer Sunset, Taraval:

Bernie's Coffee, Noe Valley:

The number:

This struck me as a really off campaign. I mean, it probably does good things to raise money for counseling and suicide hotlines and the like, but it just seemed funny to me. "Fuck, I really want to die today. Oh, people are walking against suicide? Wow, I guess I'll have to reconsider if all those people think my life isn't meaningless, painful, and empty."

Lot of work, here. Did they weld these metal plates onto the gate just to leave the message?

Taqueria Cancun, Mission at 19th. It's the cancer-causing chemicals that make it taste so good.

19th Ave at Sloat. I dig the sloth with the Novus Ordo Seclorum pyramid:

Mmm...tacos y burritos. Chubby Burger, Fremont:

San Francisco is so fucking enlightened--animal activists are everywhere. I found this puppy-loving protestation while walking my dog in my heavily Asian neighborhood. It was written on sticky paper. I wonder if whoever wrote it was going to wear it like a nametag?

This is a sculpture by whoever lives in the old Busvan for Bargains building on Clement. He's got some good stuff in the windows.

Wound the fuck up, eh?

Jacked from the interweb. Where is the dream?