Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greg Ginn You Tired Old Cunt

You tried so hard to destroy the man you became him.
82,200 results in less than half a second. Negativeland, Dave fucked everybody. YOU KICKED CHUCK DUKOWSKI OUT OF BLACK FLAG! Everyone wants Henry to be the dick, but you've played this tortured genius shit to the hilt. You and Lars Ulrich should make a Black Keys-like blues duo called Take the Money and Run.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, Greg Ginn is a selfish, backstabbing, talentless, bitter, paranoid prick. He ripped off and screwed over most of the bands he put out, not to mention his own former band mates. Also, not forgetting his own brother who he has never paid a dime to. Raymond named the band and designed the logo. He also did most of their fliers and album graphics. How many Black Flag t-shirts sell in any given calendar year?

May his vile actions be known by more people, who hopefully in turn will NOT support his bank account (IE What is left of SST Records), which seems to only exist as a vanity label for Ginn himself. Not to mention all the cheesy-merch, which is right up front on his site, as to over-shadow the music.

And while I'm talking about the "MUSIC", ever try to listen to any of his post-Flag recordings? He puts out countless vanity projects. All a complete waste and total torture to sit through.