Thursday, October 27, 2011


Let's see...Gibson SG? Check. Disco ball? Check. Multi-kulti psychedelic bootie bitches? Check. Laugh-In style trip out graphics? Check. Magic carpet ride with druid wizards and guy in chef's hat? Check. Completely bad ass metal riffage? Check and double check. Skull mask dude? Check. Porcelain mask dude? Check. Bare-chested leisure suit Travolta-esque disco hip bumpin' with bikini babes? Check. Subliminal tigers? Check. Chef's hat guy solo? Check. Porcelain mask guy solo? Check. Gargoyle gremlin dude? Check.



I just blasted uphill on the trails through the Presidio jamming out to these guys. They should've been huge. Well, at least a little huger than Monster Magnet or QOTSA.

I want to eat a half sheet of acid and listen to this on repeat for the next week.

Handclaps? With all this rad shit, how could there not be fucking handclaps, bitch?

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