Tuesday, November 23, 2004

What Your Beard Says About You In Court

I found this in a Mississippi State Court document. Why was I looking there? Google search for "individualist" + "nonconformist"--a little research to sell you beer, my pretty. Anyhow, considering my nickname used to be "weird beard" I thought this court transcript was at least as humorous as the Ray Charles song "The Man with the Weird Beard."

Challenge S-9, 8-10, Davis. He is a friend of Thurman, who was previously challenged by the state, S-2, Panel 7, Juror 7, and visited with him during the entire two days that they were here, and stated on the record that they were friends. Thurman, as stated previously, has been convicted of ABC and drug violations. He also had a weird beard, which indicated to the state that he was a strong individualist and non-conformist and dissenter. He left his employment blank on the jury questionnaire form. He voted for a defense verdict in a civil action on a close issue. He said that it was a hard decision for the jury to reach, which indicated that it was a close issue, and in the close issue, he went for the defense.

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